Welcome, Celia Mae

https://movies.disney.com/monsters-inc/characters (from the Monsters Inc movie website)

My avatar’s name is Celia Mae, who is a character from Monsters Inc and who dates Mike Wazowski. I chose this photo as the icon because it is the most well lit and highest quality picture that I believe exists of her. Furthermore, the snakes all are shown to be making different faces, depicting that they do indeed all have different personalities, and have a mind of their own separate from their “owner.” In my opinion, I think it is a representation for the multiple different personalities that she seems to possess. I also love the entire color scheme of the badge, with the pinks, blues, and purples.

The reason why I chose Celia as the character to represent me was because even though she’s just a receptionist at Monsters Inc, she strives to look her best every day, wearing her green shiny dress. She also seems to be a bit needy with Mike, which also describes me. She has a genuinely kind and caring personality, but gets really angry when she’s angry. Last but not least and the main reason why I chose Celia is because of the medusa-esque snakes she carries as her hair. I love the snake symbol, not because I consider myself a snake but because it represents someone who is misunderstood. In the mythological tale of Medusa, she was once a beautiful maiden who was seduced by Poseidon to enter Athena’s temple, and was punished by Athena for this and turned into an ugly woman with snakes for hair. So, she wears a mask at all times, and represents the face of a warrior in the middle of a frantic battle, and I love the idea of that, and the idea of how this character plays on that concept.

I didn’t have any difficulties creating this badge because it is a picture from the internet.

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