What’s in Celia’s bag?

The contents of my bag include:

  • a 13-inch macbook air that ended up dying in the middle of this post
  • my macbook charger
  • pencil case
  • airpods to make me look cool
  • my accounting textbook that is literally the bane of my existence
  • advil because you’ve always got to have it
  • a water bottle that I haven’t washed in so long to stay hydrated
  • 5 gum (I go through a pack in 2 days, no joke)
  • my car keys because i live 30 minutes away from campus
  • my wallet with my emory ID, credit card, and a singular dollar bill
  • various assortment of notebooks and binders
  • blotting sheets because a girl can get oily
  • lip balm because I hate having dry lips more than anything
  • my planner that I use religiously

I think the contents of my bag lay out some defining factors of my identity, but it certainly does not paint a full picture of who I am as a person. If anything, it shows that I am definitely going to have back problems when I’m older because let me tell you, carrying around all these things on my back all the time is probably 20 pounds of extra weight. My back is chronically sore, no joke. And I think the airpods make me look boujee if I say so myself. Just kidding. But besides that, the gum shows that I have somewhat of an oral fixation because I literally always have to have to chew on in class. The book shows that I am definitely a business major.

Taking this photo and editing it to make the contents of my bag seem prettier was fun for me. I do think there are things that define me more, as this makes me seem like a boring person with no life outside of school. Representing myself by cataloging what’s in my bag is most definitely a form of writing, as I believe anything can be a form of writing if you make it. The only challenge I really encountered during this assignment was having to take everything out of my bag and then put it back in. Overall, though, it was fun laying everything out. There were some things in my bag that I forgot were even in there.

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