Celia Mae’s Highs and Lows

This past week, it was kind of tough trying to remember to document my feelings throughout the day, but the emotions that McGonnagal offers in her book seemed to really fit exactly what I was feeling, which I liked (especially dread or anxiety about something in the future — thanks Emory).

Day 1 started last Thursday, and Day 7 was today (Wednesday). I realized that I had more positive emotions when I wasn’t stressed about something, or when I was laughing or just simply spending with my friends. The weekend tended to have a lot more positive emotions, but as I had upcoming midterms, my positive emotions started to drop and my negative emotions skyrocketed. I had less sleep, a lot of stress, and minimal actual social interaction. When my midterms were finally finished, which was today, my stress levels dropped significantly, and I was back to being so much happier, and having much less negative emotions.

I would say that overall, I’m a pretty happy and optimistic person. I’m very laid back and don’t get too worried, upset, or anal about small things (except my grades and my future). The littlest things make me happy, and I honestly believe that this week was just a really bad week to measure my negative emotions. If I were to continue with recording my emotions in the future, I would definitely try to do in a more organized manner, recording my emotions more frequently throughout the day than I did for this sidequest.

At first, I wasn’t really sure exactly how to show my positive and negative emotions on an infographic. I took to my trusty Excel worksheet, which I know how to use well. I decided on a line graph, because it quite literally depicts the highs and lows of my week. Overall, I think it is very helpful to look back on your day and reflect upon your feelings. It offers a really great chance of self-reflection, which I don’t think a lot of us really get an opportunity to do a lot, what with the extremely busy lives we all lead. By the time that night falls, we’re all just ready to get into bed and pass out, so it was really nice to reflect upon what made me happy and what made me sad throughout the day. It offers the ability to improve not only your mental health, but also yourself as a whole, because you can make yourself much happier by eliminating the negativity from your life. Furthermore, you can increase the health of your vagus nerve (haha).

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