two-time podcast creator

I will admit, creating the second podcast came much more easily to both me and my producer, and things ran much more smoothly. Having gone through the process already one time before, we knew exactly what we were doing and how much preparation was necessary in order to have the podcast come out seemlessly. It took a lot less time, also.

Cleo was the producer for this episode, and I was the assistant producer, so this time she came up with the game idea and what we should do for it. We both did a fair amount of research, and I edited the podcast together when we were finished recording it. In comparison to the last episode, I must say that I am a bigger fan of Plague Inc and how deeply we got into the discussion, and all that the game represented. I liked the sound effects of the last podcast much better than the ones for Pokemon Go, and while there was a fair amount to discuss in both, I felt as though Plague Inc makes for a more interesting and captivating conversation. Through this podcast, it really fostered a sense of team-work, because we would have to meet to do the podcast, as well as creativity in regards to the sound effects and audio of the podcast, and the graphics as well.

This podcast was about Pokemon Go, a very popular mobile app that came out 3 years ago. The primary goal in producing this podcast was to discuss the reasons for why this simple game, in which you collect pokemon on the streets, became so immensely popular, and to also discuss what values it promotes and fosters. The challenges that arose with creating this podcast were a lot less plentiful than the last podcast, but one challenge that arose was making sure that all of our ideas that were thrown into the conversation seemed spontaneous, but also planned. We needed to make sure that there was a clear direction and focus of our conversation, which is somewhat hard to do when you are speaking directly, instead of typing ideas down onto a paper (as in an essay). This relates to the learning outcome of problem-solving. Furthermore, like I mentioned in my last podcast reflection post, creating a podcast, especially with another person, is so different from writing an essay. As with an essay, there are an obvious brainstorming, planning, and researching components involved, but with a podcast it is a lot more free-flowing. Its much more like having a conversation with someone.

The skills used in crafting this podcast were definitely very technical, as I used garage band to create it. It involved a lot of pulling audio and images from the internet and seamlessly integrating them with our voices, which is a skill I have used on multiple occasions in the past and will definitely need to use in the future as well. I sing and create music, so these are skills that I could definitely use to produce music in the future.

Lastly, I would like to discuss what I am most proud of in creating these podcasts. I am really proud of the way that I edited the podcast with the audio and music in the background, and the way that I created the graphics for the cover image.

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