The creation of Discover Dooley

Discover Dooley TM is about branching out, making new friends, and exploring and getting more involved in your new campus. My most important contribution to this project was creating all the graphics for the project, including all the screenshots for the app, a video explaining the details of the game, and the logo designs. I also created and designed the website, and edited people’s writings. The process that we used to brainstorm and create the game was mostly based off of the single idea that we wanted to solve the problem of freshman not feeling comfortable their first couple of weeks on campus. We all split up the work, with someone writing out the details and fine tuning them, someone talking about the motivation behind the game, and someone talking about the rewards for the game. I used Canva and Phonto to design the graphics, and iMovie to create the video. Obviously, I used wordpress to create the website (lol).

I learned a lot from creating the video and the graphics, and it improved my digital media skills, which is something that I love to do and which I’m considering pursuing in the future. I think that in the future, when I have writing projects, I could utilize my digital media and editing skills to spice it up and give readers more of a visual.

Communication and collaboration were essential parts of this project, as we met up several times to discuss the logistics of the game and make sure it would run smoothly. We sat for about 2 hours just throwing ideas out. Furthermore, I had to heavily utilize my creativity skills, as did the rest of our group, in order to pull this off. We had to think about rewards, what would make people want to play, and how to make the game actually fun. Lastly, problem-solving was very important as we hit a lot of roadblocks when figuring out how the game would actually run, how to make it captivating for students, and also to not make it super similar to Dooley’s ball. We considered adding a matching feature for students, and grappled over how this would actually work for a very long time. Eventually, we scrapped that entire idea but this is an example of the problems we encountered. Also, if we wanted to add one thing into the game everyone had to agree that it would make a good addition.

Overall, I’m very proud of our final product and I think that all of our hard work payed off. However, if I could start over and do the project from scratch, I would probably posit a completely different game idea, because I believe that our game shares a lot of similarities with programs that Emory already has in place.

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